[CLOSED] [950 Robux] Music selection system needed for Cheese Obby

About Me

Hi there! I’m Derpee_Kirbee, a small upcoming game developer.

About The Job

I need someone to make a background music selection gui for those with a game pass, and those who have bought a developer product to change to song once. I would like to choose the songs that go into the list, but I want someone else to create the overall GUI and script for it because I’m not the best at that.


I am paying 950 Robux to the person who has completed the request successfully and tweaked things according to how I want it. T-shirt payment will have to be paid without tax in mind. Also, my premium is renewing in 6 days so I can’t pay anyone until then.

Contact Me

I don’t have Discord, but you can contact me here on the DevForum as a reply or as a private message.
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Since 950 Robux will be basically my entire amount, the job must be completely fulfilled to my requests, so it will be worth it on my end. :grinning:

I can do this. do you have a discord?

I am interested this is my portfolio:

I have coded for a lot of games. My discord is here or if you don’t have discord you can contact me here on the devforum.

No, I don’t use Discord. Thanks for asking, though. I added it to the post.

By the way, your profile says that you will show screenshots of your work, but you don’t.

they aren’t out yet :confused: But I have a testing world you can look at that.

heres my portfolio - https://devforum.roblox.com/t/open-[redacted]s-portfolio-scripter/628502

and also what do you communicate on if not discord?

Can you send me links to previous games you’ve worked on? I can’t seem to see the minigames game you worked on when searching.

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Communication will be here on the DevForum. If you are hired, we will start a private chat to discuss what to do on the game.

Sorry I didn’t see that before. Looking at the test world.

I like how you incorporate the script with the gui’s and touching objects very well, although I have to admit that the GUI’s don’t look the best because of the fact that most of them are just white with black border. Have you made GUIs nicer than this?

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Look at my portfolio for the UIs. Those UIs in the game are just frames I didn’t work on them.

Your portfolio? Do you mean your creations on your roblox profile, or somewhere on the DevForum?

this is my portfolio

ok, message me if you need me :slight_smile:

I don’t see any games that I can go to to see UIs.

Its in his portfolio, he linked it multiple times.

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look at the showcase. (30 char)

I’ll think about it. Do you have any previous game-developing experience with games that have been published?