(CLOSED) A 3d food and machine modeler

I am looking for a very advanced modeler who is able to create 4-6 detailed cafe/restaurant themed machines. Including a grill, fryer, slushie machine, fridge, ice cream machine, etc. I am needing this same modeler to be able to custom make burgers, chicken sandwiches, nachos, fries, hotdogs, and more with a variety of toppings and sauces. Please do not contact me if you are unable to do a lot of work. This will take you a long period of time and will be a lot of work. Thank you.

Please contact me on dizzy for more information, pictures, details, etc. : Iann#7781


If you don’t find anyone, i can do, but only low poly, also, what kind of payment are you offering ?

Payment is mentioned privately.

Hello! :wave:

@Red1Monster has asked for the type of payment you are offering, basically if you are going to pay with Robux or USD. I doubt many would want to message you on Discord just because of the type of payment.


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Oh, my bad. I am more willing to do robux, but if you only accept USD I can try to sort something out.

Can you give more infos, for example the payment or the style? Cause you are really vague…

I am most likely going to do around 10k for everything and I am looking for a low poly but identifiable food and machines.

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