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Hey! I’m Abby, known as abbyIoves/abbyclxire. I’m an experienced clothing designer who’s been designing on and off since 2017, and I’ve been fully committed to designing since the start of 2020. I’m very versatile when it comes to my work, with designs ranging from a variety of aesthetics to uniforms. I’ve designed for large groups, such as Kohaú, Zooblox, Cortado, and Nova Hotels X. I currently own Lost Hearts Apparel—a clothing group with 11k+ members, with all of the clothing made by me.

You can view the full extent of clothing I’ve made in my group here: Lost Hearts Apparel - Roblox

NOTE: Most showcases will say abbyclxire as that is my primary alias.


!matching blue plaid outfits SHOWCASE PNG

!pink velvet 2-piece SHOWCASE PNG

!plaid streetwear jackets late SHOWCASE PNG

!black cargo jeans outfit SHOWCASE PNG


cpfm fleece white tshirt tan jeans SHOWCASE

!3 colors angel tank tops late SHOWCASE PNG

sheer streetwear outfit SHOWCASE

!CUPID emo grunge unisex outfit SHOWCASE PNG

!mesh top pride showcase PNG

kawaii raglan + trousers SHOWCASE

!y2k handdrawn skirt with shirt SHOWCASE PNG

balenciaga black hand-drawn sweater SHOWCASE

jelly grommet belt heart harness jeans SHOWCASE

black skirt SHOWCASE

for general

!small showcase


!kohau halloween executive uniforms SHOWCASE PNG


quick showcase to test


!Panda hotels merch SHOWCASE PNG

!entire merch so far SHOWCASE PNG

!summer shirts 2021 SHOWCASE PNG

ice planet cafe blue merch jumper SHOWCASE

quick hoodie preview

quick crop top preview


This will include showcases that don’t fit into any category and ads I’ve made that feature my designs.

!st patricks stuff SHOWCASE PNG

How I design

Programs: Adobe Photoshop CC 2020, Paint Tool Sai Ver. 2, and occasionally PDN
Equipment: Wacom Intuos Pro Small (drawing tablet)

All of my featured work is hand-drawn and handmade from scratch. I draw my shading and outlines. The amount of time it takes to complete a design ranges from a few hours to over the course of days. ALL assets are mine and made by me, including shoes, add-ons, and accessories.

What I’m willing to accept

  • Aesthetic outfits
  • Most personal outfits
  • Most types of uniforms
  • Merchandise (hoodies, shirts)
  • Some cosplays
  • Formalwear

What I’m NOT willing to accept

  • Military uniforms*
  • Inappropriate or vulgar outfits
  • Fursuits or furry-related clothing*
  • Editing someone’s preexisting template
  • Overdetailed fantasy or roleplay clothing*
  • An overwhelming or unreasonable amount of clothing
  • Anything that breaks Roblox ToS

*NOTE: Some exceptions may be made under certain circumstances. Terms are also subject to edits, if necessary.

I am most likely not up for long-term hire (i.e. designing for clothing groups). My preference for commissions is short-term or a one-time gig, however, I’m always open to returning clients at reasonable intervals!

I require that you credit me in the item description for any clothing you commission me for.

Consistent communication is very important to me. Please be reasonable with your response time in DMs, and let me know in advance if you won’t be available by any means—I’ll do the same. Additionally, do not rush me.

If you have any last-minute add-ons or adjustments you’d want me to make to the clothing, it’s likely to be free-of-charge, unless it’s something complex such as entirely new shoes.

NOTE: I have the right to decline your commission by any means.

My timezone is EST. I have a lot of other responsibilities including school, so please be mindful of that.

Monday – Friday: mostly available after 2 PM EST
Saturday: UNAVAILABLE most of the time, since this is when I make plans
Sunday: partially available

My standard prices are:

  • 1 full outfit — 3,000 ROBUX
  • 1 shirt — 1,500 ROBUX
  • 1 pants — 1,500 ROBUX

IMPORTANT: Prices are negotiable and may vary depending on detail, what I’m designing, and the amount of time it takes. As aforementioned, I draw my work from scratch.

Payment Methods

Group fund payouts are preferred, but due to a recent update, it takes 2 weeks for a new group member to be eligible for payouts. Plan in advance.

I also accept t-shirts, but you are required to cover tax, which means paying an extra 30% to compensate.

Last resort alternatives can be discussed on a case-to-case basis in DMs.

I require that you show that you have the full payment prepared before I accept and start designing, usually by screen share. I do not ask that you pay me upfront.

I will show you progress as I go, and will send a heavily watermarked and edited version of the final product right before you pay. Once the transaction has been completed, I will send you the final product, granting you full ownership and rights to the template(s).

Discord: abby#0001
DevForum: abbyIoves

Reach out to me for any questions, comments, concerns, or if you’re simply interested in commissioning me.

Thank you for reading! I look forward to working with you.

COMMISSION STATUS: Indefinitely closed. Not sure if/when I’ll reopen.


Completely recommend. Great communication and brilliant results. A very talented artist!

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I 100% recommend Abby, she is one of the most professional people I’ve ever met. She has great communication skills and will do any commissions as fast as she can.


I’ve commissioned Abby so many times and her work is absolutely incredible. She puts a tremendous amount of effort and planning into each piece she does. Abby works great with your deadlines and has perfect prices. I wouldn’t recommend anyone more than her!

As an efficient communicator and professional individual, Abby hits all of the checkmarks of what you would call a top-notch designer. Every piece of work she finishes is done so with proficiency, detail, and consideration, as presented by her showcases. She is the embodiment of what you would call an exceptionally talented and experienced clothing designer. Highly recommend!

Wish i could afford her. Her clothing looks nice… But i just cant afford it… Sorry

Completely understandable. As I said in the “Payment” section:

Prices are negotiable and may vary depending on detail, what I’m designing, and the amount of time it takes.

What type of clothing were you looking to be made, if you don’t mind me asking?

I would 100% recommend Abby to anyone who is looking for group uniforms and any other services she provides. Great communication throughout the designing process! She finished my group uniforms super quickly and the wait was definitely worth it! To be honest, one of the best and talented designers I have worked with so far!

Some Georgia state patrol uniforms with traffic vest and reg vest with names ranks etc. I have 118 atm for my robux no group funds

Your clothing and portfolio is amazing! If I may ask, how and what font did you use to make those banners? Thanks, have a great day! :smiley:

First of all, thank you! The main font I used is Distortion Dos Analog. I’m not entirely sure of what font I used for the subheadings. For the really sleek effect, I mostly just played around with layer styles in Photoshop until I got something I was satisfied with.

Update 4/21: Added a few new showcases. I’ll be adding more soon, maybe even some new categories once I get a few specific comms done.

NOTE: My commissions are still open!

Abby is down-to-earth, easy to work with, and draws very high quality clothing. Her examples speak for themselves!


Hi there!

Sent you an add to talk about some clothing commissions!

Kind regards,

Update 6/23: Added new showcases under the aesthetic and uniforms categories. Leave a like on my portfolio if you haven’t already.

NOTE: I will be opening my commissions again at the start of July, which is in around a week. Stay tuned, and I hope your summer has been well!

Hey there! I have a question.
I am about to make my portfolio to display my commissions currently and I wanted to know how you added those banner like images.

Like I have my images saved on my file but I dont really see the option to download or pin it on here. Just need some help navigating that’s all. Thank you for your time and help!