[CLOSED] Advanced Programmer & Bot Developer

Hey! I appreciate you taking the time to read this. I’m 14 years old with a passion for all sorts of programming! I live in Canada [EST] and I have been Programming for almost 2 years now. I am an advanced Luau programmer and I work with Python in my spare time mostly making Discord bots! I currently have 1 discord bot published publicly named Roaster Rooster. I made it when I first started learning discord.py and i’ve improoved a lot since. Check it out here: https://top.gg/bot/835220925497606194

The rest of my Portfolio contains Images, Videos, and some links for you to truly grasp both my skill and potential. Happy reading :wink:

Groups I’ve had the pleasure of working for:

Ninty Studios


NPC Pathfinding Stalker

Custom Arrest Prompt using Billboard GUI

Kohaú: Hot Air Balloon

Rocruise: Party System & Party Search System

Rocruise: Boat Physics and Vehicle Spawning Prompt + GUI


Rocruise: Friends Online & Nearby

Rocruise: Radio + Favorites System

Mario Party Walking - Parody

Mario Party Walking

If you don’t know what Mario Party is, here is a link: https://youtu.be/eUMIyFZhfvA

Skinned Mesh Character Movement + Scripted Animations

Credit to @Hiuh29 for the meshes & Animations.

Skinned Mesh Pistol + Smooth Firing Bullets

Credit to @Hiuh29 for the meshes & Animations.

UI Animation and UI Creation
Cinematic Avatar Airbender Intro | UI created by me.


Discontinued FPS Game Menu | UI and Soundtrack created by me.

Lynxx Hub UI Animation | UI created by me


Roaster Rooster

Fun, comedic discord bot primarily for Insulting your buddies. Check it out!
INVITE: https://top.gg/bot/835220925497606194


Friday | Commission Ticket Bot & Moderation

Skeptical Association | Ranking & Ticket Bot

The Group: Skeptical Airways - Roblox

Group Shout

Ticket System with Logging


CAN: Work everyday during the week for 4-5 hours after school. Summer obviously, leaves me with more time to develop.

CAN’T: Work Saturdays; only saturday evenings. Work Friday Evenings; only friday during the day.


All monetary transactions must be done through Paypal.

The prices are listed in USD. Monetary Payment must be Either in USD or the Canadian Dollar Equivelant.

If you are paying in Robux, you MUST cover the 30% tax.

Meaning if the commission price is 10,000 Robux, I need to recieve 10,000 Robux even after tax.



Payment is Per System. Please keep in mind that i’m not only charging for the difficulty, but time spent as well.


I charge at a rate of $2.00/Command ~ 250 $R/Command



Developer Forum

Business Email


Thanks for Reading, G’day :wink:


I love that Skeptical Association “Group Shout” thing, contemplating buying something like that if it’s available for editing.

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Yea, definitely. I still have the source files if you’d like to have me edit it to your likings then purchase.

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Can no longer accept Long Term Offers at the moment. Sorry for the inconvinces. Full.

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I can accept 3 more short terms.

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Awesome! Will definitely think about it! :slight_smile:


Closed for now. Not sure when I’ll reopen due to the scale of my current position(s).

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