*CLOSED* ADVANCED Scripter Needed

Hi there! We are 2 builders with a really promising simulator! We need a scripter, which is going to script the whole game. We have a map ready, so you can start scripting the basics like RIGHT NOW!
And for real, you are going to get 33% of a very promising idea, don’t miss out on this)

The Team
@Ilyaboss2006 - Builder
@Minideliciouspant3 - Builder

About The Job

You have to be familiar with scripting simulators. You need to be ADVANCED in scripting. If there’s an order, you have to do it. Your ideas are always welcome!


You will receive 33% of the game’s earnings. You could even get a bonus depending on how good you do!)

Contact Us

Contact me on discord! My tag there is Big Smoke#0081

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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I know other people might feel differently, but for a scripter to script an entire game? And only get 33%? I feel like that’s underpaying someone for a lot of hard work. If that were me, I’d ask for 45% at least.


Way too high, my personal opinion. There’s other people who work at the game, they deserve a cut too. 45% is asking nearly for half of the revenue. Too high.

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I dont think you saw the words “script the whole game”


Alright I can do it, what are the requirements of taking this role, what should I be able to understand?

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I recommend a backup payment.

Also you don’t need a “advanced” scripter for a simulator…

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45% is still very high, considering that this most likely is a small simulator game. There needs to be a decent amount of cuts for other people who help out in this too.

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Ok, let me break this down for you. To make this simulator it’d be 50+ hours of work, if I got 33% and the game was a hit I’d be happy, but I have to be paid throughout development, this tells me as an employee that you’re able to pay for advertising, assets, and you yourself believe the project will do well and you’re putting yourself at a financial risk. Don’t tell me the game will be popular as you cannot be sure of that.

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How are you sure the simulator will not flop?

Advanced isn’t as good as people presume, hidden developer scripters are usually intermediate - advanced

I agree with you. 30 characters

Builders can get 20 percent each and the scripter get the rest, trust me 45 percent for a scripter, you should count yourself lucky because building isn’t the same amount of work as scripting


I can be of use, what is your discord?

Nah, you do. We don’t have a “usual” simulator.

My discord is Big Smoke#0081 :), hope to work with you)

Good building is hard friend. And we have builders who build very well, it takes some time, so 45 percent for one scripter is too much.

Everybody puts effort into a project, but not everyone does as much as the scripters.
A builder makes a town and it’s put into the map. The builder moves on to the next thing they need to build.
A scripter makes a gun system. The scripter now has to edit the scripts whenever a new gun is made, they also need to ensure that it continues working as intended. Roblox update broke the script? The scripter needs to fix it. One of the things which is almost always glossed over is the fact that the scripters have to deal with bugs too. You can’t make a script and then test it once or twice and leave it after that. There will always be bugs which the scripters will need to fix, sometimes even months after the script was created.


You are undervaluing their work.

No, I am not. Even if 33% is not enough, 45 is definitely too much, 40% should be max

And the scripter doesn’t make the “gun” script lol, do you even know what you are talking about? Not all games have “guns”, I think you should realise this first, and then you have to realise that we’re making a simulator game, and simulators need awesome builders and the scripting work is not that hard.