[CLOSED] Aeda Resort & Suites UI Designer/Scripter Hiring

Aeda Resort & Suites - UI Designer/Scripter Hiring

What is Aeda Resort & Suites?

Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Welcome to Aeda Resort & Suites. My name is Arexez, founder and chairman of this brand new hotel group. Our mission is to provide a entertaining, friendly, inviting, and unique experience to all those who think of the hotel industry as bland. We hope to re-define the hotel industry through innovative means and top-notch development services, all while remaining true to our customer service expectations.

What are we looking for?

We are searching for someone who is able to remain on our team as a UI Designer/Scripter (it would be preferable if you could do both) to complete many projects for our group currently and in the future. Some examples of work we’ll need done include:

  • Hotel check-in system (advanced with administrative override panel).
  • Music system (with pay-to-play song ID system and override panel).
  • Cuff system with Discord-connection via webhooks.
  • Animated doors activated by check-in system, chat commands, or buttons.
  • Overhead name tag scripts (with connections to gamepasses for rainbow, emojis, etc.)

Who are we looking for?

  • Age 14+ with a good amount of time to dedicate to scripting/UI projects.
  • Experience with LUA and JS (2+ years preferred)
  • Able to produce projects within a reasonable amount of time.


We have a very flexible Paypal USD-based budget that will be distributed upon completion of each assignment. Usually we’re willing to do $15-20 USD for each project, but if it is rather small or rather large, that range may be lowered/raised respectively. We respect the time and work developers put into their projects and will provide additional compensation based upon quality, effort, and commission size.

Contact Us

If you are interested in scripting/UI designing for us, we’re very thankful for your willingness to do this for us. Please contact me on Discord, as it is the easiest method of communication that I check regularly, but if you do not have it you can message me on Twitter or DevForum.

Discord: j.#1337
Twitter: @itsjustrexy


Hello! To see if I fit the requirements for this job along with the quality you desire please check my portfolio here.

Amazing portfolio, I will be in contact soon. :slight_smile:

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