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About Me

Hi there! My name is HonokaSakurai and I specialize in UI (User Interface) designing specifically in Roblox Studio however I’m able to design UIs in Adobe Photoshop CC when things requests are more complex. I’m a instagram and vsco feed enthusiast, traveler, self taught videographer and photographer.


Most of the examples is miscellaneous things due to the fact that I haven’t really taken a lot of commissions (just only friend requests) however I can make things from SCPF to MMORPG (Dungeon Quest?) to Simulator type styles. I’m very adaptive and have a broad of concepts in mind.

Here are some examples of my work:
Note: Icons are not made by me, they are just place holders.

Scrimmage Game Hub

Battle Simulator

Boho Salon Clothing Hub

Draw It

Star Wars Roleplay

Not finished yet.

Space Tycoon

Mario Tycoon

Sword Clan Raid System

Sword Clan Intro

Clan Database

This was for fun.

Sword Clan Raid System 2

Sword Clan Profiles


This was for fun and meant to be an example.


City Roleplay

Map Loading Screen

Military Hub

Keybinds Page


Weekdays : 4:30 PM EST - 11 PM EST [accurate]
Weekends : 11:00 AM EST - 3 AM EST [usually whenever I wake up and decide to go to bed]

Note to client :

I usually finish a commission from same day to a week.
I always show progress and also like to be as creative as possible so I usually add more features than needed (with your approval of course).
I always respond on Discord fast (since I spend majority of my time texting).
Everything is scaled, organized, and labeled.


Prices are negotiable, I usually just take offers as I’m not a very picky person in price. This is just for the fun works and not a whole business. However, my starting prices are 10k+ ROBUXS, $30+ USD, 20k+ LIMS. I accept lims as long as they are earned; this can be said with the other forms of payments as well. My preferred payment method is lims however usd or robuxs works too.


You can contact me on Discord at chen#0072

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Love it all! Nice, minimal, and clean! :hidere:


Love the clean aesthetics! Great work.

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Looks very neat! Love your work!

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Hey Chen! They look really good. :+1:

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Hey, I’m very interested. I’m willing to pay 5k robux for a few assets. I’ll contact you on discord. Username: Skylexion#1457

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Do you script the UI you make? Would you be able to make an actual group data base that sorts group members by rank (1-255) and name alphabetically?

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Working on a big project at the moment that will be updated to my portfolio soon.

Sneak peek:


I love your organization hope I can hire you soon :+1:

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Magnificent. I love how you conceptualized the design and furthermore made it look realistic, raw and live!

It looks very professional and within it’s own league.
Good work with what you made. :slightly_smiling_face:

May I ask how long it took you to specifically make that? And how long have you been UI Designing?

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Thank you, this message means a lot to me. It is my upmost priority to make the user interfaces as high quality for my customers. I have designing since last August however I didn’t do much until December.


cool ui design :slightly_smiling_face:


HonokaSakurai is a really dedicated Developer that cares about what his Customers unlike some other individuals.

I highly recommend hiring him for your projects :+1: :smiley:

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Added 4 more examples, currently still working on a Star Wars, Club, and Ooga Booga type UIs. Will be updated to my portfolio when they are completed. :blush:

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