[Closed] Aesthetic Gfx Artist - 46kDrip (On A Budget)

About Us

  • Hello! My name is 46kDrip
  • I’m currently working on a project to build a roblox library
  • My current budget is 3,000 robux for this entire project
  • Before you criticize this insanely small amount, I’m going to note that this is the total price for the interior and gfx’s
  • I’m trying to learn to script this on my own
  • Please understand I am on a tight budget, and I may not be able to get more currency soon, due to certain billing issues I have
  • You can see my plan below.

The Jobs

  • Gfx Artist - @CouldBeYou
  • Interior Builder - @DaBoss5555


Gfx Artist

  • Paying 250 Robux

Below Is An Example Of What I’m Looking For (NOT MINE)


Discord - Team Wang#6304

Or You Can Message Me Directly On The Devforum

Thanks For Reading!

I highly recommend @SuperkarolG! He finished a high quality GFX for me & it was the same style in what you’re looking for!


Thank you for the advice! Well appreciated.

I believe I can do this. Here’s some of my portfolios for logos & GFX.

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Hey! I really like your text logos! I would love to have a logo done! Can you add me on discord please?

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I’m R0bl0x10501050#9989, sent fr.

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I’m interested , sent you a request on Discord Orginatix#3082

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I think realistic GFX artist can do that

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Hello! You might have heard me from one of my customers! Portfolio
Discord: karol#5516

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I totally recommend @Omaraxoo_GFX he worked for a group of 4M and makes for cheap prices, it’s amazing, just look the GFX he did…

It’s more like cartoony, but I’m sure that you can tell him to make other font.



I’m interested in this
portfolio : Zaq's portfolio

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