Zaq's portfolio

Hi there! I am a graphics artist with 2 year of experience and I primarily specialize in GFX, visual designs and making profile pictures.

Personal work


Game Icons

Group Icons


Profile Pictures



I am available at almost all time and You can contact me at any time, but I am unable to work at certain times. Note that I will not be able to work during school days (my time zone is GMT+3).

Prices are negotiable, I accept either payment after job’s done or per-piece. My preferred payment method is group funds and gamepasses (due to roblox’s 30% tax. the prices for the gamepass payment is 30% more than what’s intended).


Thumbnails/Banners = 500-3500 :robux_gold:

Game Icons = 150-1500 :robux_gold:

Advertisements = 250-1500 :robux_gold:

Renders = 80-250 :robux_gold:

Animations : Not For Sale

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter or discord at:
Twitter link
Discord tag : zaq#2991

Thanks for taking time to read this! :heartbeat:

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Impressive portfolio. Zaq is a very nice kid who’s got a knick for this sort of stuff. I would recommend anyone to work with him.


This is super impressive! Good job on all of your work!


Thank you! I can’t believe I went noticed for once. but anyway. thanks for the compliment!


Zaq is a pacey, efficient worker. I commissioned him for three advertisements - one skyscraper, one banner and one rectangle/box. He was a great communicator and happily did several revisions so that we concluded with the desired result. His style is simple compared to some other advert GFX artists, though slick - which is impressive and, in my opinion, better. 5,000 Robux was the fee offered and received.

I seriously recommend this person.

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Zaq Is a great communicator, If You Wanna Buy From Him I Say Go For It, He DIdnt Let Me Down One Bit, I Got Exactly What I Asked For In Under 10 Mins, great Manners, Great To Work With, Wont Disappoint.

I Highly Recommend Him.


You’re giving him a negative review over a misread…? He didn’t even do any work for you, just applied. Are you okay?

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Interesting you bring up that comment, I actually do indeed have proof of ordering from several months back. Along with that you brought up only 1 of 2 topics listed in my review. Thank you for your comment however it seems to be deemed irrelevant. Therefore, I suggest you read through a whole post before applying a comment.

Yes but when you said that you’ll pay me later through group funds. well… you never did. you just left me for few months to the point I’ve decided to reject the entire operation silently because you didn’t seem to care and moved on.

Did you seriously pay 5,000 robux for three advertisements?

This guy is amazing! All negative reviews would be from scammers. I think this guy deserves a lot of credit! His work is quite cheap for his skill and also he can finish top quality work in 1 day! I ordered something and he had had it finished in 1 day! It was the most beautiful game icon I had ever seen lol anyways I highly recommend this guy!


5,000 Robux is a competitive rate for good advertisements.

I was very pleased with Zaq’s adverts! They were delivered in a timely manner, and he is extremely professional and friendly to work with. I highly recommend him :slight_smile:

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Just did business with him after he posted a cool creation. Snagged a thumbnail for 1500, went smoothly, and he was really friendly. He adjusted to criticism and was extremely fast. Easily the best GFX designer I have come into contact with. Kudos to you zaq, thank you and good luck!

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Not really, most people I know would do 3 ads for around 1000 bobux at most. Maybe even less.

Great quality & very quick turnaround for an affordable price.

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I was looking for a GFX Artist to make a group icon for my studios when one of my friends recommended Zaq. At first i did not expect much but i was completely suprised at the amount of work, dedication and effort put into the GFX i ordered. He also possesses the ability to get his work done quickly, whilst also making his clients feel more than satisfied. One last thing I would like to add is that he is open to any changes/corrections in his work, which makes getting your vision a lot easier.

Overall, 5/5 Stars, I will definitely be ordering again and I would recommend him to anyone in need of GFX.


ordered a gamelogo from Zaq turned to be a great high quality render really enjoyed working with him. 100% would recommend him.

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commissioned a thumbnail and icon from zaq, recieved them both for a fair price, and i was happy with the results. i recommend him : )

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Zaq is a great person. He is a very efficient worker and is very good at communicating. He is very professional and his art was better then i expected. Even when i couldn’t pay him because of the ROBLOX GROUP UPDATE, he was very patient and proposed to wait longer so i didn’t need to pay the 30% extra taxes.

I highly recommend him.

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