[CLOSED] AGE OF VIKINGS: Looking for a Scripter/Modeller/Graphic Designer

About Us

Greetings! We are a new and upcoming community with four thousand members to date as well as an extremely active and dedicated player base. We are presently searching for more developers to join our team in order to create the most authentic Viking experience possible.

Our group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/3028256/Age-of-Vikings#!/about

Current Team

@Battle_Goat - Community Manager
@Beo_Goat - Builder & Project Lead
@Axiomatikos - Scripter
@ValonAedrovulf - Scripter
@Noimless - Animator
@FerrusKaddin - Modeller
@PappyFrost - Graphical Design/UI Design

You can see our progress on our early access game here: https://www.roblox.com/games/4649152752/NI-AVELLIR

About The Job

Our current game, NIÐAVELLIR, is a Combat Demo in the BETA stages of development with new features being added everyday. With a combat demo alone, we have a steady stream of new active members joining with 50+ on regularly at all times, however, our ambitions go beyond that.

We are aiming to launch the ALPHA version of our hub game, Hjalstarr within the next month and in order to ensure the most entertaining experience for our players and speed up our development, we require the following roles:

  • Modeller: Preferably someone who has experience in making medieval weaponry with sword variants, axe variants, shield variants, armors, etc. This person would be modelling items and other requested items for us.
  • Secondary scripter: This person will be aiding our two main scripters in completing various parts of our front end and back end.
  • Secondary graphical artist: This person will be helping designing and creating parts of the UI, thumbnails, icons and other items.

The list is not in order of importance!


We are paying R$/USD per asset created, price is negotiable and depends on the asset being created, alternatively we are willing to provide a % of our income through our group, which too is negotiable but extremely dependent on your credibility and the time it takes for you to deliver.

Contact Us

You can contact me here directly through the Developer Forum, or message me through my discord account: Axio#1044 which is preferred, as I don’t regularly read my dev forum messages.

You must be 13 years of age or older to apply.


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