[CLOSED!] Angifalangi's Portfolio | 2D Digital Artist / Illustrator

Hi there! I’m Angi, a 18 year-old digital artist with 4 years of experience! I have worked with various awesome creators such as ObviouslyPurple, Masenyy1, ImTheSky17, Bayat and Autterfly! I have also worked on several private commissions for non-commercial use – examples of which can be found below!

I have no limits to what I will illustrate, however, if I feel that I will not be able to complete your commission up to par, I will let you know and issue a full refund. This is the only instance in which refunds will be issued.

Below are some samples of my work - both commissions and personal pieces! :cherry_blossom:





I am available for six to eight hours of work every day, but I am not available to work on Saturdays. You can contact me any time!

Commissions are typically completed within 1 week, but if there are any delays, you will be notified immediately. I value communication and will update you frequently, including sneak peeks!

Payment MUST be made before I will begin working.

Prices are non-negotiable; however, depending on complexity of the piece, prices may vary. Currently, I only accept payment through PayPal (USD).

Commission Sheet (Prices)

I will not illustrate highly complex backgrounds, but I will illustrate simple backgrounds at no added cost! :heart:

You can contact me;

Thank you for reading; I’m looking forward to hearing from you! :slight_smile:


Awesome artist, I commissioned her twice and BOTH times I’ve been super happy with the outcome. Although I do gotta add something each time of ordering it gets better and better!

Definitely gonna go for a round 3 later! :slight_smile: Please do commission her! <3


Angi is a small (height and following) artist and great at what she does. She is certainly better at communicating than me. I would recommend her to anyone that needs character art or maybe even game illustrations.


good art - got a commission and it was very good

would recommend


You’d be great on my team! I’ve added u on discord so we can chat. Discord: Unique#2978. :smiley:

She got my commission on point. She won’t disappoint!

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Your work looks awesome! Amazing work! :+1:

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Angi delivered a great product for what I personally think is a good price. For $30, the result was a well-shaded half-body commission with a simple yet detailed background. If you’re looking for art of various kinds, this is a good person to go to. Aside from their outstanding art skills, they were very nice to deal with and I was actually able to engage in conversation with them.

TL;DR Excellent person to commission from.

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