[Closed] Animator needed!

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: About Us

Hi! I am iDracius and I have recently formed Dracius Studios to create awesome games for people of all ages to enjoy. We are currently developing a Dragon Ball Z game!

:medal_sports: Our Team
@iDracius - Scripter
@CrutchBazooka - Builder
@TheBeastSword - Builder
You! - Animator

Here is the link to our group! https://www.roblox.com/groups/3865596/Dracius-Studio#!/about

:hammer_and_wrench: About The Job

We need an experienced animator to help us make some amazing combat skills, including punches, kicks, barrages, dashes, and even some taunts!

We need some cool moves that keep the DBZ style in mind, and we need to have some good communication to keep everything running smoothly. We go over progress frequently and will try to have a conversation about once a week!

Here are a couple Gifs from the game


Our game needs a bunch of cool looking animations soon!

:moneybag: Payment

We are paying around 5K-10K R$ per animation. If you wish, we can further discuss payment!

:memo: Contact Us

You do gotta be at least 13 years of age to be hired!
You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: iDracius#0037

*If you do contact via discord please reply to this thread with your username, so I can find your friend request, thanks!

Thanks for looking our request over, have a good day!! :smile:

I am interezado I think I have some that would help you a lot I am in discord like: MR.SAX # 2870

@iDracius i have added you on discord. Serloy#6920


let me know on discord so i can show more.

im 18 also.

Hey there iDracius! I’m interested in developing for this project. You can check out my portfolio here Nd89 (Previously BloatedDev) - Animator Portfolio :slight_smile:

Your gifs from the game are actually videos.

Also, i’d like to apply, if you don’t mind that i work in blender

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Added you on discord! Hope to hear from you.

Hello, My family took me for a surprise vacation this weekend, I won’t be online until Sunday.

I will respond and add you guys once I return!

I am extremely sorry about the timing of this post, had I known I would’ve delayed it until Monday.

Thank you for understanding, have a great day! :blush:

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sounds good, we are in no rush.

Hi! I added you on discord. Have fun on your vacation, and stay safe! :smiley:

are you still hireing? char30char30

have u found a animator yet??
chat 30 char 30

Alright, I’ve added you on discord.

Thank you everyone for responding, we have found an animator.

I’m sorry I couldn’t reach out to all of you, but thank you for contacting me nonetheless. Have a great day!


have u seen my animations?? i got much more in dms if u need another animator.

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