[CLOSED] Animator $ Programmer wanted | USD payment

The Job

  • Animator
    I’m currently looking for a hard-working animator to provide me with a bundle of animations.
    The animations have to be of medium/high quality and look reasonably realistic. You will be working alongside a programmer to create a part of an upcoming project of mine. You will be expected to produce around 10 short animations that together create a movement bundle - More information about the actual animations will be provided via discord

  • Programmer
    I’m also looking for a talented programmer that is familiar with loading animations and using them to create custom player movements. You will also need to be familiar with Roblox physics - using vectors and c-frames to move the player. Overall general knowledge of LUA will be needed.


  • Programmer
    Payment will be sent to you via Paypal, payment of around $50-80 USD (prices can be negotiated)

  • Animator
    Payment will be sent to you via Paypal, payment of around $5 USD per animation (prices can be negotiated if what your supplying me with is of higher standards; if its lower quality work, you might not receive the full payment.)

Contact Us

Please message me on discord if your interested - Barl55#3179

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Is it 50$ per animation or for the whole project. If it’s for the whole project and you want high quality animations you might have to pay more than that.

unfortunately it is currently set at $50 for all animations, i’d need to see some past work to see if i’d be willing to pay more for higher standards, plus it would take a rather big bite out of my budget.

Positions are up for grabs once again, if interested please contact me! :slight_smile:

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