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Attack on Titan: Retake

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Hello, we’re looking for a specific development section which includes meshing / designing. The game as of now is mainly managed by @M_antas and @HalcyonVisari. We’ll be mainly in need of someone who’s capable of modelling and designing in Blender. The assets would need to be detailed and textured correctly to make the character clothing. Any further information can be discussed over Discord.

Tasks / Assets

  • Hair / Accessories
    • We’ll need hairs for both genders, they’ll be colorable in the game customization
    • Will also consist of assets such as glasses, toothpicks, cravat, eyepatch and so on
    • Will need to be substance painted / textured to match the other textures and clothes

Payment is discussed upon and won’t be paid upfront due to previous incidents with scammers.

Game Progress

✧ Titan Assets
Created by R_oven

✧ Gear Progress
Created by Syharaa


✧ Gear Model
Created by waxenayo

✧ Cannon Model
Created by waxenayo

✧ Game Thumbnail
Created by Sielore

✧ Jackets
Created by R_oven


Discord: Mantas#6699
Twitter: MantasWasTaken


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