[CLOSED] Application Center Maker!

About Me

Hello There! I am Flight and I have been making Application centers for 2 years now! My account isn’t 2 years old but that is because I also make them in my other account! I charge very low amounts and love working with other people. I am also EXTREMELY active!

I sell 3 types of Application centers:
Low Detail
Medium Detail
High Detail.

My prices are very cheap!
Low Detail- 100 Robux/ 1.50 Pay Pal.
Medium Detail- 250 Robux/2.50 Pay Pal
High Detail- 500 Robux/8.20 Pay Pal
All prices are in AUD$

If you need any help feel free to DM me on Discord- BenJ#1300
Or here on Devforum! @FlighterDeveloper

I hope I help you and I’m excited to work with you!

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Hey do you have any examples of previous application centers?


Do you have some past works you can share? I would like to see some, It would be greatly appreciated by everyone too.