[CLOSED] Assistant Director needed || Aurilux Studios!

  • Introduction!
    Hello everyone!

I am the Executive Director of the new upcoming game releasing in 2020 called Insect Simulator!

This game is owned by a unknown group with new developers called Aurilux Studios!

If you want to be hired there will be screenshots of the game


  • To give us personal opinions on what we should do to the game and conversations.
  • Able to give us concepts on what you want us to do via drawing or modelling.
  • Give us very strong ideas.

We expect you to be online helping us with ideas at least 30 Hours/2 weeks (2 Hours a day would be great).

We’re offering 12%+ (depending on work) if you manage to accomplish our task.

If you wish to participate, contact me on discord!


I disagree with your assumption that 30hrs/2 weeks is a lot; it’s less that 2hrs/day.

This game has a ton already invested in it, including a lot of vouches too.

Hey! Thanks for the honest feedback!

I’ll have a word with the team about the payment and hopefully we will change it.
However this job is simple, text and some quick concept illustrations for plans (etc. Blueprints)
Nothing complex is required for this task.

We just need someone who can give us perfect ideas for this whole game and opinions.

I am an experienced builder in the area of ​​simulators we could make a deal I am not interested in the payment but the idea of ​​joining a team I also know how to model so if you want my services return this message

I am extremly interested. 30char

I’d love to help you out and already have ideas to get you back on track! But before I get too indulged, my interpretation is that you essentially need a facilitator? If I’ve understood this correctly then I’d love to give it a go and help the team achieve its goals! Contact me on discord Paschy#0665

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