[CLOSED] Attack on Titan: Retake is hiring for it's Development Team!

Attack on Titan: Retake

About Us

Hello everyone and thank you for dropping by to read this topic. I am the Project Lead for the upcoming game “Attack on Titan: Retake” which has attracted attention through our snapshots within the genre’s many discords and their “creations” tabs. We are currently in our pre-tech demo phase and are heavily under development. We are a studio that is essentially hiring Developers for this game.

The game genre : This Attack on Titan game is based heavily on the anime (not closed community till the open ended game has been completed) , and it will include many game modes ranging from canonically accurate missions, to freeplay with your friends with RPG elements such as level progression, skill trees, ODMG gear upgrades, and more to come.

Currently we are waiting a while for the tech demo to be ready before opening the discord to the public.

The Team
Owner/Project Lead - HalcyonVisari
Scripter - @couldbeyou
Scripting Assistance - @couldbeyou
3D Modelers - @waxenayo @Taken @Taken
Animators - Zwoomey @CrowbIock @Taken
Terrain and Environment Artist - @M_antas
GUI Artists - @Taken @couldbeyou
Clothing - N/A for now

About The Job

We are looking for long term professionals and advanced Developers in the areas with vacancies to join our team as we sort positions. We expect high quality models, that adhere to our game’s style, as well as advanced scripters and GUI artists to fit the style too. Good communication skills are appreciated; we check team progress daily and want to maintain a healthy relationship with one another. A Head Developer to assist manage the project is helpful too and comes with extra payment.

Example of our game's build style

Anti-Personnel Gear
[Being Reworked]

3DMG Model

More to come…

Our game needs around 30 assets completed by the end of next month. In the areas aforementioned, we are looking for:


We are looking for a reliable long term scripter that has good communications skills (preferably VC available most of the time). We have a lot of content to add to the game to push the game to the Pre-tech demo stage and further to the pre-alpha stage.

Please do make sure that you know you are a capable programmer that is highly flexible with your field of expertise. You will be doing various tasks which will range from creating fully functional titan AIs to ODMG gear which is of high importance.

It would be very beneficial if you have at least a rough idea of what Attack on Titan is too!

For background and work notes, we are aiming for a very detailed and unique Attack on Titan game that focuses on the visuals/aesthetics as well as the well made systems/features that makes the game-play more enjoyable and ensure it is notable competition and beyond, we are in need of a programmer that knows what they are doing as creativity, skills, communications, teamwork and experience will be tested. The goal is to ensure a top quality game that will be able to satisfy the anime fan base to the fullest and ensure it is enjoyed by all within the community as well as raise the bar among the Attack on Titan community in Roblox.

The same is said that we are looking for a programmer to create unique GUIs for the players that are easy to understand with a modern twist for ease of quick use and reinforce the quality of the game.


We are looking for a reliable long term animator or two that has good communication skills (preferably VC sometimes). You would be working alongside the Scripters in making the gear movement authentic and believable whilst making maneuvers as immersive as possible.

You will need experience to make fitting animations from ODM movement, gun firing, Titan animations for various types and more. Animations are expected to make Titan combat smooth, scary and satisfying for players.

3D Modelers:

You will follow suit and work with our environmental team and waxenayo to ensure the game runs smoothly with visuals to further make it appear fluid rather than clunky. From the examples above, that should be an idea as to the quality we are hoping to rise above.


Now this is a tricky one but I will make it simple to understand.

All payments are done in USD but Robux is a possibility in small quantities. Payment ranges dependent on the task at hand you have completed, quality of your work, teamwork/communication and the speed/pace at which you deliver your work fully completed and at a good standard. Percentages are negotiable but that depends on your fit for the team and game as well as how credible you prove to be.


In depth smart Titan AIs with minimal bugs could range around 175 - 350USD.

Well made party system with wonderfully done UI transitions/effects/sound effects will equal to around 100USD+.

Currently for a fresh, original and intuitive ODM system that can be tweaked and expanded for the other gears and made better or worse is going for 1000USD as I understand the value of such scripters.

Contact Info

I will always be available on Discord unless stated here otherwise or on DevForum:

Please contact my Creative Lead instead:

Please let me know here, if you have DMed me. In DMs a folio link is required and preferred. Thank you.

You must be 16 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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