[CLOSED] Awesominat's Portfolio - Scripter, UI Design

Hey! I’m a Roblox scripter with over 5 years of intensive experience in almost all fields there are to cover. Along the way, I was also able to become quite proficient in creating any UI that came into mind so long as I could draw a reference for it or visualize it in my head.

I can handle:

  • The Frontend: The client part of the experience, tailoring to each device and its needs (Xbox, PC, mobile, VR, and tablets).
  • The Backend: Exploit-free, high-performing code that can do just about anything such as data management.
  • UIs: On top of handling the UIs’ code in the frontend, I’m also able to build said UI in any way.
  • Cross-platform Communication: Send data back and forth through different services around the internet with no failure.

Games I created

Build Simulator
Guess Who (created from a baseplate)
Musical Chairs (created from a baseplate)

More videos, showcasing my latest work, can be found on my portfolio on YouTube

Build Simulator

A full description of the work showcased is in the description


Alien System

A customizable system with 3 easily-morphable aliens that have their custom animations and teleport to your previous positions upon morph. They then have their own keybinds that, when pressed, initiate different attacks that can be easily customized and given to other aliens.

Simple Backpack System

A backpack system that shows:

  • Car Inventory: Primary and secondary colors purchased on the top left and right
  • Food Items: Specifically designed food gears that disappear upon being used 3 times.
  • Normal Inventory: All the player’s gears listed and constantly updated

Fishing System

A metaverse event that involves a player casting a rod and waiting for a fish to bite. When a fish bites, the player is then asked to repeatedly press/tap to reel it in, however it was removed for simplicity’s sake.

Airplane Tablet System

An almost perfect replica of a real life tablet system used in a real life airplane tablet.

  • Ability to request food and either have it delivered or instantly in your backpack
  • View the air plane’s cameras with a functional FOV slider and updating movements.
  • Ability to save where the tablet was last left open and shut it down (reset everything)
  • View flight info
  • Constantly updating bottom info bar

Pet System


  • Morph: Remove your pet and temporarily morph into it, keeping all the pet’s equipped hats and primary/secondary colors, can be undone to return your pet to its original state.
  • Pickup: Pickup your pet and hold it in your arms while it continues to play its animations with different offset values for each of the pets.
  • Ride: Jump on your pet’s back and ride it while it plays its walking/idle animations.
  • Avatar: Add hats, change colors, change visible name. However, the adding hat feature wasn’t shown here.
  • Click to open UI: Listens for any click on any device to open its interaction menu.

Simple Radar

Nothing really of significance here other than the radar constantly updates, updates orientations, and scales sizes to fit in a small UI.

Avatar System

A heavily detailed and up-to-date system that boasts:

  • Quick UI Animation when clicked: Transitions to the UI menu upon click
  • Saved outfits: Upon joining you have no outfit equipped, but when you equip an outfit it applies it near instantly
  • Change Skin Color: If your character supports it, then the skin color changes and updates with no network delay
  • Rotatable Character: Through PC or mobile the character rotates, respecting its current offset each time
  • Hats/Hair: Instantly add/remove hats to your character with no network delay on the addition
  • Face/Shirt/Pants: Instantly add shirts/pants/face if your character supports it
  • Gamepass Menu: Server and client side sanity checks for if you own the gamepass or not when trying to equip the item.
  • Morphs: Equip any of the morphs and watch it show up on the left display

Escape from Tarkov Inspired Inventory

A very detailed inventory inspired by Escape from Tarkov’s inventory

  • Updates: Checks for whenever you get close to an item that’s able to be picked up and shows it in the ground menu on the left
  • Draggable: With respect to the offset when clicked, an item can be moved anywhere and checked if it can fit in the grid depending on its x,y size
  • Weapons: Weapons can be equipped when dragged into its respective slot
  • Backpack: Ontop of the small 10x2 grid provided by default, a backpack off the floor can be equipped to add extra slots.
  • Security: On top of this, the server validates each movement and ensures no exploits occur.
  • Trading: Since each item is unique, this means they can be trade-able and could still hold each of the item’s individual stats.
  • Dropping: Any item in the inventory can be dropped straight

Robbery & Bounty System


  • Region Checking: Region checking (Zone+1 by ForeverHD) allows the game to know when the player enters/leaves as well as if police enter the vicinity
  • Start Raiding: After holding the proximity prompt to start the raid, a timer starts and the raider must now defend the store
  • Notifies Police: On the bottom right of the video, a notification is sent to all available police and marks the store by a marker on the top of the store. However since I was alone, I allocated to be both the raider and the police force.
  • Win/lose Conditions: If the raider succeeds then the money (customizable in the settings) will get transfered to their account and a bounty will be placed on them. This bounty does not disappear after death and even remains if you re-enter the server, and if anyone manages to kill you, then they will claim the bounty. If the raider fails then no bounty is added and the store can be robbed again after a certain timer

Car Shop


  • Rotatable Car: On the left hand side, you’re able to rotate the car with respect to its previous pre-existing offset.
  • Touch Listener: Upon touching the part near the NPC, the UI transitions to the car UI.
  • Customizable Frame: On the right hand side, you’re able to change which car is being bought. Gamepass vehicles exist too and instantly grant access to the vehicles upon purchase.
  • Customizable Colors: You’re also able to change the primary and secondary color of the car, affecting the overall price of the car, and view it in realtime.
  • Instant Spawning: Upon purchasing any car, it is Spawned and Customized in-game to the colors that were defined in the menu. Also, it is instantly added to the backpack to be spawned at will.

DJ System


  • Region Checking: Upon entering the DJ area, the client turns on the DJ booth’s effects and slowly turns up the song’s volume.
  • Memory-efficient: The booth only changes colors and emits particles if the player is inside the region.
  • Song queue: Upon purchasing a gamepass, a player is able to queue any song and have it play after the queue clears up.
  • Auto-queue: If no song is playing, then it begins to queue pre-determined sound IDs. If a player adds a song to the queue, the auto-queued song immediately skips.
  • Audio Visualizer: A mini audio visualizer is played which changes the floor’s colors, emits particles, as well as fire for the heavy drops.

dj system

Isometric style camera and placement system

Not really much here, but I felt the camera system could still be respectable

  • Zooming: Upon using the scroll wheel or pinching the screen, the camera zooms in.
  • Dragging: Holding middle mouse button or swiping the screen drags the camera dependent on how far the mouse is from its origin
  • Placement: Certain buildings are locked from being used until the pre-requisite building is built. Each building uses up power and money to build and builds itself from the ground with respect its build time.

Surface to Air Missile
  • UI: When a player sits on the seat, the UI pops up and allows the player to choose which vehicle they would desire to target.
  • Rotation of Camera: The camera can be panned to the left or right by certain increments; if the button used to rotate is held, then it continuously rotates the camera.
  • Launching: When a target is selected and the command to fire the rocket is issued, said rockets leaves from the truck that holds the weapons and homes straight towards the vehicle and destroys it if applicable.

Audio Visualizer

This idea is not mine and was entirely inspired by legold_dino
I simply enjoyed their idea and wanted to recreate it, it was not used for any project nor is its code used anywhere else

Full UI Interface

This idea is not mine and was entirely inspired by legold_dino
I simply enjoyed their idea and wanted to recreate it, it was not used for any project nor is its code used anywhere else

I am available throughout most of the day, whether it be a weekend or weekday. This means that you can contact me throughout the entire week and I will most likely respond instantly.

The price of a commission is highly dependent on the request itself, so please contact me and I can quote you on the expected price. As for my payment method, any type of payment is accepted but USD & Group Funds are preferred.

If you are interested in my previous work and would like to inquire about a possible position, you may contact me either on Discord, Twitter, or the DevForums. I check all my DMs; however, I prefer to be contacted on Discord.

Awesominat#4959 / Discord
@Awesominat / Twitter

Thank you for taking the time to browse through my portfolio!


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Hello can you make a racing system using Denokins dealership?

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