[Closed] AxlentFigureSkater’s Portfolio (builder)

I’d tell you a joke about building, but it is still under construction. :slight_smile:

Bad jokes aside, my name is AxlentFigureSkater, I am 14 (almost 15), and I want to be hired as an architect/building designer for modern/sci-fi themed buildings. I have quite a few buildings as examples.

I am currently making my own game, Dangerous DJs, completely by myself. In the process, I have learned scripting, UI design, building, and more. Additionally, I have a lot of experience with CAD software and 3D printing. I have also taken an audio apprenticeship, and been accepted into a design apprenticeship. (Both apprenticeships have been offered by a youth media arts center, called SpyHop. Website: Spyhop.org.)

I have been developing on Roblox for about two years, and using Blender for about 6 months.

I average about 3-4 hours to complete a building, and currently, on most weekends, I will be able to work around 3-7 hours per day.

500 RS for most buildings, except for really large (750 RS), and really small (free-100 RS) buildings.

For buildings with interiors, I ask for an additional pay of 750 RS.

I also accept payment in USD.

Payment can be negotiable.

Discord: @RythmOfReality#2941
Discord server:

I also have lots of experience with scripting, UI design, and more (as mentioned before), so don’t be afraid to ask me if you need anything else done!

I am currently figuring out the Talent Hub, hence why I am posting here instead of there.

I have scripted a helicopter myself, which works for both mobile and computer. Here is a picture:



This is my place where I make all my buildings. There are quite a lot of them! v