[CLOSED] Bakiez Bakery is looking for a new Lead Coder (Head of Development)!

Who am I? What is Bakiez Bakery?

Hello everyone! I am Voulge, owner and founder of Bakiez Bakery. We are known to be one of the fastest-growing Cafe-style games here on the platform and one of the most played cafe games out right now; with over 300K group members and 10 Million+ total place visits. In addition to that, we are one of the top 1,000 games here on ROBLOX!

Our goal for Bakiez Bakery is to allow our community members and daily players to have as much fun as possible and have a great experience with their friends!

What do we need?

We are currently looking for well-experienced, and reliable scripter to be our new Head of Development and Lead Scripter. This job consists of scripting our new Version 3; in addition to weekly updates to keep the game refreshed, well maintained, and keep players excited for future updates. We are also looking for someone who has decent UI design skills in addition to their scripting skills.

Contact Info

If you are interested, please contact Co-owner Deilghtful on discord. joseph#8629 There, he will be answering any questions you might have, give additional information, and discuss payment options whether it be percentage or job to job payment. Information regarding that will not be posted on this forum due to obvious reasons.

Discord Tag: joseph#8629

You must be 13 years of age or older to apply!


Hey there. Iโ€™ve just sent you a friend request on discord. (AquaDev#1501).

Sent a friend request yesterday. Iโ€™m looking forward to discussing this opportunity.

Sent a friend request, and a DM. :slight_smile:

Iโ€™m interested in this position, sent a friend request.

Sent a friend request.
Please answer the following questions:

  • Will we be adding on to code from the previous version or starting from scratch?
    • If we are adding on to code, how well is the previous code documented?
  • Payment information (at least an estimate)
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