[CLOSED] Ban Panel Scripter

Ban/Admin Panel Scripter Needed

What’s needed?

Hello. XeroPoint Studios is soon to begin development on their first games. We are in need of an advanced scripter to script a Ban Panel. This ban panel will give you the options to ban someone for an hour, three hours, one day, one week, from the server and permanently. The basic things such as a search system, auto-filling usernames, an open/close button, and a method of getting a player’s avatar headshot is already implemented, as well as the UI’s assembly (put together). More info can be given in DMs, as well as any questions or concerns you may have.

Here are pictures of the UI:

We expect it to take no longer than two weeks to complete from the moment of starting.


Payment will be negotiable. We can happily do PayPal or Robux (T-Shirt preferably, but group funds work). DM me for starting prices which you can name.

Contact Us

You can add me on discord below. You must be 13+.

Discord: cx0dyy#0303


i’ve sent you a friend req in discord

The image ins’t loading, can I see a direct upload?

I could help if you need me too I have been scripting for 4 years just on different accounts

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