[CLOSED] Battle Spheres

Battle Spheres

UI Designer, Secondary Builder, and Composer for Hire

About Us

Hello! We are two developers looking to hire for our project. We are looking for any community builders and UI designers who are willing to join us to work with our new concept game, Battle Spheres! (Yes we are new)

What we have so far

The Team and Pay Percentage
@TonedOut - Lead Developer/Programmer - 20%
@JessieReyez- Builder - 20%
@username - Secondary Builder - 20%
@username - UI - 20%
@username - Composer - 20%

About The Job

We are looking for upcoming talent. You will receive equal pay to agreement percentages as a part of the contract. We believe in equal payment for one another on the team because everyone is hard working at the end of the day and project.

Our game needs a few new maps completed by the end of this month. Along with UI work. We expect a lot of time to be taken for both UIs and Builds so no pressure or rush on time.


We will offer a contract for you to sign that will guarantee payment for the assets you’ve created and/or contributed. You are due to equal pay as one another on the team .

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum
Via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/BattleSphereRBX
Via Discord at: Tone#1498

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Feel free to drop any edit suggestions if needed. Along with asking any helpful questions as I am new to the recruitment process :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds like a fun project!

Will the building style be low-poly, realistic, etc.? Will the payment be in percentage, robux, or USD? Are you able to give a rough estimate of how much payment might be?

We are open to suggestions. Low-Poly would seem more realistic as it would balance out with game play and etc. As for payment would be percentage as stated above. 20% for all positions seems fair and not too biased towards myself nor any other colleague. We are obviously wanting to reach high expectations in funds towards the project and etc. I will add an investor category to hunt for as it will help in the long run.


This looks interesting in my opinion. I might apply but there are a few things you should look at first.

Payment - 20% could be 100k robux or 0 robux. There is no telling how much the game will make. Therefor saying you will sign a contract stating everyone gets their equal pay means nothing. You should put an amount that you are willing to buy in addition to the percent you are giving.

Progress - I don’t want to accuse you of something that is not true but in the video of your progress it looks like all you have is a free model player baller. Many games like marble slides, and a game I play called Blockate use something that is either very similar or the same. You should also have more progress than something that looks like (or is) a free model.

Hopes this helps and best of luck hiring.


As stated above it is a concept game as very little progress has been put into this. At the moment I know vast majority won’t want to go for any positions due to the lack of guaranteed pay but in my opinion I side more with community engagement rather profiting for myself. I do agree where you are coming from when it comes to payment. Along side the progress again. You can only do so much with a beginning weld and sphere.

What would a secondary builder be working on exactly?