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Hey! I was just wondering if block vaulting is possible with Roblox characters. Block vaulting is when a player jumps at a block and instead of hitting the edge and falling down, the player walks onto the block. This is the best I can explain this sorry if it is not detailed enough or clear enough.

I am just not really sure if a Roblox character would allow it first of all and second of all my coding skills haven’t reached this point before.

I have not thought of any solutions so far so that’s why I created a post.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Without clearly understanding what you are trying to achieve it’s hard to help you, I’ll link some stuff that could be helpful though.

Animation or Inverse Kinematics

well since my game is like Minecraft for example i want the blocks to have a hitbox of a beveled block but still look like a normal block basically.