(CLOSED) BIack_Smith // Environment Artist Portfolio

My name is BIack_Smith. I’m a 21 year old Environment Artist & 3D modeler from the UK and I joined the community in 2011. During my time in development I’ve worked for many different projects & games, some of which are on the front page. I’ve also recieved the 7th Annual bloxy Award for The Builderman award of Excellence for my work on Dungeon Quest

I specialise in Low poly fantasy Environment art. I’m able to create a wide range of structures, different terrain styles and custom lighting to fit any theme using a combination of Blender 3D & Roblox Studio. I also use Blender to create a wide range of props such as Weapons & Armor. I also do a little bit of Illustrator work which I used to create my brand.

Here is a few examples of my previous work in which I’ve used a mixture of Meshes, Parts, Smooth terrain & Custom ambience. These pictures are all in-game screenshots and not altered in any way.


Will continue to update with 3D models and props

My prices are determined by the difficulty of the given task and can be negotiated. I prefer payment through Paypal for all larger tasks like maps, but may take Robux for certain smaller tasks such as weapons, props and tools.

I can be contacted on my Discord: Blacksmith#1948 or on my Twitter.


Amazing builds and a very nice guy! Definitely recommend


This portfolio has a really good quality and i like the buildings you made, however there is a flaw i detected: you say that you make 3d models, however there is no stuff like that i’ve seen here. I recommend uploading photos of 3d assets you made like guns and props in the portfolio so you can win a bit more of credibility as a 3d modeler.

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I forgot to mention that I will be updating the portfolio with 3D models soon, I’ve added that into the original post. Thanks!


I’ve known BIack_Smith and worked with him for almost 3 years now. He’s a very easy guy to work with, incredibly creative and is very good at what he does. He has an incredible work ethic and has often gone above and beyond what I’ve asked him to make in the past.

The environments he’s created are some of the best I’ve seen on the platform in that style, and the weapons he creates never fail to amaze me with not just the detail, but in terms of efficiency with triangle count.

Full recommendation from me. His work on transforming Dungeon Quest is very noticeable and he never fails to impress me with what he creates.


First off, I have to say that Black_Smith is a very talented and genuine person. I have seen his work dating all the way back to when I staffed for Dungeon Quest. I would definitely recommend him! As seen on his portfolio, all his creations are quality! I would rate his services a 10/10. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve worked with Black_Smith for a couple months, this guy is probably my favorite environmental artist out there. After witnessing what he has made for my game, I can say with confidence his work is insanely beautiful and some of the best terrain you will ever see.

I can add a lot of sweet-talk and over-worded support, but if you are looking for someone to transform your game, I suggest Black_Smith 100%.

(he’s also a super chill person)


I’ve known Black_Smith for nearly 4-5 years by now. He’s incredibly talented and chill. Back when I was just a little itty bitty wee builder, every creation he made that I saw made my jaws drop and be in complete and total awe at the work he’s made throughout the years. He definitely deserves this years Bloxy award for building, and for every year to come. He sets the model of a true low poly builder to me, and I definitely hope to reach his level of expertise as I grow through roblox development.


Black is an incredible Enviromental Artist whos work can’t be compared to anyone on the platform. His maps are aesthetically pleasing and you’d be a fool not to buy from him. Your game would benefit from having such majestic areas being implemented.


I’ve known Black_Smith for over two years, and it’s amazing how much he’s progressed in both modeling and environmental design. He has a wonderful understanding of optimization and never ceases to amaze with his builds. I’m glad to have the opportunity to work with him, as his enthusiasm in the development team lights up our day and sparks motivation within us all.