[CLOSED] Blender Modeler or Minimalistic Roblox Studio Modeler to Create Cafe Machines

Hello! We are seeking a potential Blender modeler or a minimalistic Roblox Studio modeler to create machines for our group, Venti!

What is Venti?
Venti is a cafe-based group offering a wide variety of different foods, drinks, and snacks. Serving ever since the very start of 2018.

What do we need from you?
We need an assortment of machines to be created either as a mesh or a model in studio with a low amount of parts while still looking high quality. After the machines have been made, there may be the potential of you creating all new pastries for us as well.


  • Milk Carton
  • Industrial Fridge
  • Microwave
  • Industrial Coffee Machine
  • Smaller Carton for Cream
  • Water Dispenser
  • Bowl for Sugar
  • Bowl for Tea Dust
  • Ice Tray
  • Flavor Pump
  • Blender
  • Smoothie Machines (7 different flavors; one 3 flavor machine, two 2 flavor machines)
  • Ice Cream Machine (1 machine, 5 flavors)
  • Pastry Case

What is the pay like?
We will be offering up to 5,000 Robux to complete the entire order. Negotiation only being a slight possibility after further conversation. We will be paying after the order has been completed. You may create the machines in your own personal game as long as you share screenshots of your progress, or you can share the game with us in team create. It just depends on what you’re comfortable with.

How do I put myself forward for the position?
Comment on this post with at least one screenshot showing what you can do as a modeler, along with your Discord username and tag. We will then get in contact with you on Discord if you have been selected.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Vitalious#6219 on Discord.

Thanks for your interest!

Development Team


LoyalVegan/Douglass#6457 for more information on builds


Hello! I’m @Lil_SharkyBoy and I’m a 3D Artist and a Programmer on the platform! I would like to take the position as the modeler of the Cafe Machines.

Something I made for @CherryPlaysRoblox1:



And here is my website: https://sharky3dartistd09a.myportfolio.com/

  • Discord: SharkyBoy#2024

Have a nice day!


Semi vouch for this guy.
Great developer, but will backstab you at the nearest convenience.

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I vouch for Lil_SharkyBoy, he was easy to work with and does a great job. I was very happy about the bubble waffle he made at the end.


Discord: M4TY#8084


Is the position still open. If yes, I’m interested.

Lil_SharkyBoy is very nice. Though I have not worked with him, I know he is a great builder and a great person.

Hey, that’s actually exactly me, here’s some of my work : My low poly models

Thanks! I been waiting a response from the owners, but maybe they already selected someone else for the task. Also, thanks for the recommendation, really appreciated.

I agree with you, he did that with some people.

(me) :grimacing:

imagine being under the 30 character limit

I would like to be hired. I have a few examples shown here:

All of these were meshed by me, simply for my cafe.

Good luck, everyone!

To contact me, DM me via Discord and tell me where you’re from.



I like your works, keep it up. :+1:

Hi, I kind of know how to model, I use union operation (from studio) to make my models.
Here some examples:
2020-05-14 14_45_25-Window 2020-05-14 15_55_21-Window 2020-05-14 15_55_58-Window
Hope you like them @Aezerix :stuck_out_tongue:
Discord: Xedroc#1190


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