[CLOSED] Blender Modeler

About me
Hi! Im Atomic and im posting this because i want to be part of a developers team. I have skills in blender but im still learning so don’t expect very good results for now.

My working
I haven’t published any model, but i make basically low poly stuff like trees or rocks
theres an example of a low poly tree (not finished so its a trunk right now lol) https://gyazo.com/e0b684f37992775cddd2f40414da0095

Im available from 2:00 to 17:00 (USA hour)

I don’t need a big payment, as i said im not VERY skilled, but don’t want to get about 30 robux for a 3 hour model
You can contact me on discord - Atomic#2830
Any question? dm me on discord :point_up_2:

The trunk looks great! Would it be possible for you to post more pictures/videos of your work?

yeah probably soon i will post more videos

look i have an other example, right now im making a low poly terrain piece https://gyazo.com/548a1be928c719954a7ccb9849ecbeb2

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That is a good tree trunk e.e :palm_tree: :palm_tree: :palm_tree: :palm_tree: :palm_tree: :palm_tree: