[CLOSED] BlushSoft's Building Portfolio


✿ About me!

Heyyy! I’m Blush and I am a builder and 3D modeller.

I’ve been on Roblox since 2016, but I have been building on Roblox since 2020 and modelling since 2020 too!
Recently, in the summer of 2021, I have been developing and improving my building and modelling skills, which really strengthened my passion for architecture, and creating 3D environments and builds!

✿ Collection!

Project Astoria Game (TO BE RELEASED)
House of Blueberry Homestore Base Build - Jan 2023


LogiTech Song Breaker Awards Map - Apr 2022

Magical Crystal Cave - Jan 2022

Martin_RbIx2 UGC Store (TO BE RELEASED)

Tropical Beach Homestore - Sep 2021

Tropical Island Homestore - Aug 2021

VOVO Homestore - Apr 2021

Aesthetic Clothing Streetware Store - March 2021

Small Cottage Homestore - Feb 2021

Xiaoleung Homestore - Dec 2020

Angelic Homestore - Nov 2020

✿ Availability!

I don’t have specific times I am available, but I usually work on builds in the evenings of some weekdays and afternoon and evening on weekends. Due to studies and school , I may not be able to on the build on certain days. To finish builds quicker, I only open one commission slot at a time so I can focus fully on one build.

✿ Payment!

I currently only accept robux as payment.
My prices are quite flexible, depending on what you would like built, but here is my build price guidelines:

Base prices:

✿ Small Build - 25k+

✿ Medium Build - 40k+

✿ Big Build - 80k+

Extra pricing info:

Regular quality

  • Low - regular detailed meshes

✿ High quality

  • High quality meshes with small details

✿ More Info!

  • Please do not rush me. I will try my best to finish the build in reasonable time or for an agreed deadline.

  • I will only accept a commission if it’s something I believe I am capable, comfortable and able to build as well as fit it into my schedule.

  • If there are any delays or problems I will be sure to tell you asap!

  • I will update you regularly about the progress of the build!

  • I accept payment once I have completed the build.

✿ Contact!

If you have any questions, queries or inquires, feel free to contact me!

Roblox - BlushSoft

Discord - blush#4274

Twitter - BlushSoft_

Any feedback is appreciated!
Thanks for taking a look at my portfolio! Hope you have a great day! <3

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Hight Quality Builds for a cheap and affordable price! Definitely recommended!

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