[CLOSED] BouncingBrenda | UI

About Me

Hello! I’m BouncingBrenda, otherwise known as Braydon. I’m a 16 year old developer on ROBLOX, and I’ve been using Studio since 2017. I’m looking to begin working with other creators to provide high quality UI.

My Creations

Here are some UI examples I have done:

Untitled Team-Fighting Game UI: (Most recent work)

“Serial” Lobby UI:

“Serial 2” Main Menu:

“Serial 2” Character Screen:

“Serial 2” Skin Screen:


My prices are negotiable, and it would really just matter on how complex what you want is/how much you want done. I accept ROBUX and USD via PayPal.


You can contact me on the developer forum, my Discord (braydon.co#4383), or my Twitter (https://twitter.com/Braydxne).

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!


Do you also script your UIs or do you simply design them?

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I have the same question, as I was going to hire you for a player/currency display and custom backpack lol.

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I’m not the best scripter but I am definitely capable of doing some programming. It would just depend on what you want done!

Would you be able to continue some scripts that we’ve already inserted into a UI that we’ve made?

Definitely! I’d actually much rather prefer that than having to start completely from scratch.

Contact me via Discord: hm#1720 and we’ll solve it.

After a brief hiatus I’m back and ready to take on some commissions! The only thing I ask is to not contact me if you don’t have a clear task for me in mind, as I’m not really interested in joining any type of dev team [although you can always ask depending on what game you’re currently doing, and if I like it I may join!] rather than just doing what you need from me and being done.