[Closed] BrawlBlox Programmer Recruitment


About us

Hey there, we’re NobleGames; a development team as well as community that is looking to hire a scripter for our current project. In our group, we are just a little short of a fully capable team to create the necessary things for our game. That’s why we are outreaching for talented coders who know their stuff.

You will absolutely not be working alone. We have a talented animator, GUI designer, builder, and another arriving scripter to help with the tasks. We are prioritizing in the longevity of the game.

We are looking only for talented scripters at this time.

About Our Project :boxing_glove:
We are creating ‘Brawl Blox’ ; a multiplayer fighting game brawler set in the Roblox canon itself consisting of people and characters from varied eras in Roblox universe. The game’s fighting styles are inspired from Super Smash Bros, but reimagined with Noble Game’s own creative dash.

The Tasks

Here is our foreseeable workload we expect the programmers to execute with confidence.

  • Activation of varied animation sequences in the player rig: R-15
  • General system of player sequences, such as attacking, running, being hit, shooting and so on
  • Camera movement of being able to see multiple players (2-7 players in one map)
  • Code in an environment where players have 2 Dimensional movement
  • Able to understand some GUI programming as well as communicate with graphic designers about UI design
  • Make the UIs interactive and functioning for the game
  • Create a player progression system as well as a player market
  • Can create code that is optimized for our multiplayer game


  • Can read, analyze, and if needed, implement changes based on feedback.
  • Experienced with the creation of multiplayer games
  • Understanding of clientside and serverside workings of Roblox
  • Knowledge of coding involving non-backpack appearing weapons
  • Knowledge of coding projectile based attacks
  • Is ready to work in a deadline based and motivated environment


Payment will be given out as a percent of the revenue or a one-time payment after the game is completed. If you have more questions with the payment then you can contact me directly and speak with you about it.


We hope to get this done by Mid Feburary - Early March for beta testing.


Twitter: @NobleGamesRBX
Roblox: kyptorbx
Discord: kypto#1001
Server: Wp3Nt7R

If you have any questions you can ask me (@kyptorbx)



This position is now closed. We have found our programmer, thank you for applying.


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