[CLOSED] BrawlBlox UI Recruitment

Hey everyone,

NobleGames, an upcoming developing group is currently looking for a highly experienced GUI/UI designer to join our growing team of developers. Our current game in progress is called BrawlBlox, inspired by Super Smash but a redesigned and amplified style with the satisfaction of playing on a ROBLOX platform.

UI Designers You will be required to work on these categories in the game:

  • Work alongside with other programmers.
  • Make the main UI with the following options:
  1. Play Button
  2. Character Selection (Will have customized character selection inside)
  3. Stats
  4. Map Selection
  5. Moves/Attacks Selection


Payment will be given out as a percent of the revenue or a one-time payment after the game is completed.

Here is an example of what we’re kind of looking for:

If you have any questions please reach out to me (@kyptorbx)
You can message me on discord as well: kypto#1001 and the server invite code is: Pvh6qRg

Could you specify how much percentage or one time payout you will be paying?

Really depends on the quality and such. Since it’s just one GUI I’d say around 1k-3k for a one time payment.

I’m quite interested.

You can check out my past work here


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1-3k robux for all the things you listed? That’s about 11$ which imo is way too low.


I’ve been working on a game similar to what you’re doing, but this project seems interesting!

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It’s not programming it. It is just making the UI.

In Canada $11 is less than 1 hour of minimum wage work, my guess is this isn’t going to take 1 hour.

I never mentioned programming. 11$ worth of robux is way too little for what you want.

@oryRBX @LowPolys You don’t have to take the job if you don’t want it. I have other people interested, so please keep keep your comments to yourself if you’re not interested in the position. It’s quite irritating with all due respect. The developer may get more than that depending on the quality it’s an estimated range.

With all due respect, unless people are called upon when they’re underpaying then we’ll live in a world where nobody is paid fairly for the work they’re making.

I am interested in the position (surprisingly) as I’m a big fan of the UI in the various smash games and I believe I’m capable of making what you need but the price right now is way too low for what you want in my opinion.


I am aware but I have to consider our budget with our builders and programmers as well. This is not the only position we need. Sorry for any inconvenience. The pay may be raised higher as we release the game hopefully Mid-February - Early March and we start making some profit. If you’re still interested in this position then let me know.

Sorry if this is harsh.

But if you can’t afford to pay someone what the work is worth then you shouldn’t try paying them the little bit you have.

This is just my opinion though, and like you said you already have some people interested (but those people probably don’t understand the value of time and money).

I wouldn’t say that is harsh. We plan on paying them the little we have right now and then paying more once we release. Thank you for your time and efforts.

This port is closed. We have found a UI developer.

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