[CLOSED] Builder and/or Texture Artist for simple job


I’m looking for a grungy, metropolitan city that’s low poly and has no details or interior and is almost fully designed from reuse of textures on flat parts to replicate skyscrapers but run lightly.



The goal is for the city to feel grand but run well. A combination of wide roads and backstreets. The skyscrapers should look cookie-cutter and repetitive with their texture-only windows and no built elements. The map size isn’t strict but around 2000x2000. Most of what you’ll be doing is building roads and copy-pasting and resizing the skyscrapers. You can use premade textures if you cannot make your own.


Payment is 20,000R$ or negotiable in USD if preferred and the deadline is 3-5 days.


Join this discord server if interested to contact us or have questions.


What is the size of the city?

The map is around 2000x2000, it’ll just be like the city provided in the images above, we’re looking for decent size buildings where there is a good amount that fit in the map but not too many

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