[CLOSED] - Builder for a city project

About Us

Hallo! We are the development team for a Netherlands simulation group. Our goal is to create an accurate representation of the Netherlands on Roblox for players to enjoy regardless of their nationality. In accordance with this goal, we are a multinational team looking for help to tackle our next major project.

Development Team
@V4P0R - Project Lead/Builder
@Roger070901 - Builder
@nestenes - Lead Programmer
@JesseKlaver04 - Programmer
@iiDutchEngineering - 3D Modeler

About The Project

We have found a suitable candidate, thank you to anyone that expressed interest in the project.


We are paying 300R$ per building for a total project value of about 50,000R$. Payment will be delivered at the end of every week via group payouts in order to guarantee payment for completed buildings. Price is negotiable based on building size and complexity.

Contact Us

You can contact me on Discord at V4P0R#9788 or on this forum. I am more than willing to address questions and field candidates in either place. Please have a portfolio of previous builds prepared.


I am interested, my discord is loertis#9029. My portfolio is linked below!

What’s the point of a lead if you have a project leader?

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Thanks for the portfolio! We’re going to leave the application up for another day or two to receive and review all submissions so I’ll get back to you then.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but if you’re talking about @nestenes, he is lead programmer because he is the person primarily responsible for choosing and implementing scripts and systems into the game. My position as Project Leader stems from my responsibility for coordinating the team.

Typically, leads are for big groups with a multitude of developers working together to appease a(n) standing community. To do otherwise this early doesn’t give faith to anyone applying.

Project Leads are the ones that can do any portion of the development cycle, lead to reach a certain goal and fill in possible vacant spots. The more members you have, the less coordination and dedication you’ll have. Hence why most experienced teams have two - three people max.

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