[CLOSED] Builder for Basketball Facility

Basketball Facility

About The Job

Hey, I am looking for someone to build me a Basketball Facility. Your build will be used in a game with 33mil+ visits! I’m shifting towards making my game more aesthetically pleasing. So if this build turns out good, then I’ll most likely be contracting you in the future as well.


If you think you’re able to replicate what is shown in the example, then I’ll be happy with that.

Key points:

  • Baclony, with doors to enter/exit
  • Ceiling design
  • Windows for lighting effects

Things you don’t have to build:

  • Basketball hoops
  • Floor design
  • Scoreboard


I will be paying with GROUP FUNDS, you can send me your prices.


Discord: Strafing#3841
Twitter: @MrStrafing
Roblox: Strafing

If you send me a discord request and it’s taking me a while to respond, reply to this post telling me that you sent me a friend request.

Be prepared to send me examples of your building style.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


How did this position get taken so quickly?
Will there be other opportunities in the future for work similar to this because I was quite interested.

I have a lot more projects to be worked on so yes, I’ll be posting more. I’ve checked your portfolio a couple times throughout the year, your low poly builds look amazing to me. When I get ready to start on some other projects, you’ll definitely be on my contact list.

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My Discord user is Squidzyee#8896 when you want to contact me. Thank you for the kind words though about my builds! They mean a lot to me. :blush:

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