[CLOSED] Builder for hire!

About Me

Hi there! I am HallowsAwakening, and I have been playing Roblox since 2016 and started building in late 2017. I am experienced with studio, and I have been getting used to blender, doing BASIC things, and not like very complex things. I can do trees, terrain parts and parts of houses, and I do know how to vertex paint. I am a submitter to a famous Roblox game Miner’s Haven, as I have 2 items in game and continuing to get more added.


You can explore my map here:: MAP SHOWCASE - Roblox

Here are some screenshots of my work

MINERS HAVEN SUBMISSIONS, NOT CONFIRMED, and these are not my meshes, as we have a mesh kit for MH to follow for optimization.

(this one is confirmed^)


I am most available on the weekends and Thursday. I can be busy on weekends, and if I am I will DM you on Discord/Twitter.


I only accept Robux at the moment, as I do not have PayPal yet.
Here are my prices:


Discord user+tag: hallowseve_#5803
Twitter: @hallowseveYT or HallowsAwakening.

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day! :smile:


i need some buliders and scripters if you wanna join me add me friend and i pay 10k

you got discord? we will most likely have to negotiate in dms, it depends on the thing you want me to build

Wow, these builds are super nice! How long have you been developing?

Oh, nevermind. I just checked the info.

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your discord doesn’t seem to exist, add me on disc

I’m looking for a builder for a lobby + 5 maps (each one is an individual commission so if you’d prefer to just do one of them that would be fine too)

this is my discord name DevRoblox#1617