CLOSED BUILDER FOUND[15K Payment] - Hiring builder to further develop game map


Unfortunately, our Devteam lost our builder due to private family issues, henceforward we need someone to replace him whom is equally experienced and can handle large quantities of work.

If you’re hired, you’ill be working under the group; Bray County Police Department. Bray County Police Department - Roblox

Although we shall guide you with the development it is expected to be somewhat of an independent worker that doesn’t need a handhold.


You are tasked to finish the main city, it’s quite big and in it’s current state now only has the shell of it.

Our previous builder had planned to create the buildings in the city via textures. So it would be helpful if you have previous texturing knowledge. This, however, does not mean you have to do it via textures if you think you can create a better end product without the use of textures; We say; Go for it!

Besides the city, we also need a Very detailed police station, this police station however needs to be builder entirely from scratch;


We need a similar building like the one shown in the picture above, due to us not having any more pictures of the building from different points of view your imagination regarding how this building might look like in different views is granted;

And lastly, we need you to generally develop the map further. What do I mean by this? well for one thing you need to enhance all the roads in the city. It’s quite important for a RP Police game :wink:

And every other general thing you find needing enough to be fixed. I am aware this might be confusing but as you will develop the map you’ill find out what I am talking about.


The map is 10.000x8.000 studs large.
We need this map done by the summer break.


You will be paid 15K for the job, this payment can be sectioned into parts if desired.
E.g; Work 50% done → 50% Payment


I am the quality check if I think you’re capable enough to complete the tasks i’ll transfer you to my partner who will guide you in the development.

And lastly, if you do message me, Please do me the favor of sending your portfolio and or past work a get go. It makes things easier for me.


Looks good, did you do those till now?


Thank you, I created the terrain for the map and our previous builder; @triankl3 did the shell of the city.


Not continuing with @triankl3?

No. He is matter of fact our previous builder that had issues in his private life, this however is none of my business neither is it anyone’s here.


i’m willing to apply for the job , Discord : Ay-Men xD#7917
i dont think 15k is worth making a whole detailed police station + fixing the city
but we can discuss about this in discord …

No offence, but 15K for a full map is kinda low, I will do it for 50K and I have experience in 3D Modeling and Studio Building. Discord: Spenicus#4395 (Note I would just do the city, and the police station) You would have to either find another developer/Builder after that, or you can commission myself for more work. :smile:

I like the payment policy that you have in-place. Though, the payment is indeed a little less than expected. I would be up for the price, check out my new portfolio. You can contact me on Discord too: Sirian-#9834 :smiley:
Sirian’s Portfolio

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