*CLOSED* Builder is needed

About Us

We’re currently a duo, both scripters, and we need a builder to help us build in game, my username on discord is Big Smoke#0081,

The Team
@Ilyaboss2006 - Scripter
@Avatar_Korra - Scripter

About The Job

You’re going to receive a cut from our earnings on the game, you have to build everything. And if there’s an order from me, you have to do it.


Game’s cut, 33% Out of everything

Contact Us

Big Smoke#0081 on Discord

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

I’m interested in this job. I just need some more information, like is it a massive game I’m building, low poly etc.

Yeah what’s up! It’s a low poly game, add me on discord, Big Smoke#0081, we’ll discuss the details there :slight_smile:

Okay sure!

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