[Closed] Builder needed for vehicle stunt park

Currently looking for a builder who’s good with rounded shapes and map design/layout for a 1400x1650 vehicle stunt park. This won’t be an entire map but more like an asset to an existing map, and it should be built on a pre-made base looking like this:

The park will mainly consist of large ramps, loops, tubes, etc with small and big variants to work with both slow and fast vehicles. Here are some examples of what should be built:

You’ll have to be creative with materials and colors so everything doesn’t look dull with the same grey concrete everywhere or similar. Props like trees, fountains, signs, etc can be included to add some variety, and vehicles of different speeds will be provided for testing

The payment will be 100,000 robux via group funds, which can be paid out gradually as progress goes if needed. Let me know in a PM or add me on discord if you’re interested: Panwellz#5923

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