[CLOSED] Builder Needed!

About Me & Group
Hey! My name is Paige and I’m a professional manager on the platform. I’m currently looking to start up a group I made nearly a year ago once and for all. For all of you musicians out there, I’m sure you’ve heard of the store Guitar Center. Guitar Center is the world’s biggest music store with hundreds to even thousands of stores worldwide. They sell a wide selection of instruments, audio equipment, and other essentials. I’m looking to make this into a Roblox group.

About the Job
I’m currently looking for a builder to help design the store. I have a friend working on the instruments so all you need to do is the store. Looking for someone modern, with a touch of low poly.
Here is a tourof one of the locations.

You will be paid 4,000-5,000 robux through group funds. Price will vary on time, and quality. Price may be a little low as I do not want a HUGE building. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing the applicants. :slight_smile:


I can’t make the store but i can 3D Model and Build small assets for the store! (Low-Poly and Semi-Realistic)

I don’t want the robux your paying since im not actually doing the job you want me to do which is building the shop but i just want a little robux if you hire me.

You able to make instruments? Like drums guitars etc.

im not able to make anything like a guitar bcs that would be more than 1000 triangles which is wayyy to much for a learner like me sorry

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