[CLOSED] Builder/Modeler to make assets and map for an Animal Breeding and Evolution game

About Me

Hi there! I am Alfred, aka SplitPainter, currently living in Denmark. In the past, I worked in the game industry and I have one of the first YouTube channels that taught Roblox and advanced scripting in Brazil. Currently I work as a software engineer for a farming startup.

I’m coming back to Roblox to make some games after a 3 year hiatus. I have 3 games being baked.

About The Job

I’m looking for a Builder to create all the assets and the map for an Animal Breeding and Evolution collecting game.


  1. The first task is to build one animal body and its limbs in such a way that it can be customized by code by me later (simple shapes to allow changing materials and decals easily). The animal itself is very simple, the challenge here is to prepare it according per instructions: making it ready to be procedural.
  2. Then you will animate the animal jump animation (just one animation, few frames, probably you will have to add a rig).
  3. Then you will build an additional 10 props (box, coin, etc).
  4. Then you will build the whole game map (bulk of the work). The map is similar to a tycoon, with 3 shops in the middle, the user bases around, one pond and one small racetrack.

It is an immediate start job, because I already have everything detailed and specified in a PDF, with rough sketches, blueprints and example images to help you visualize the concepts. You must be able to understand written instructions clearly. :slight_smile:


  • Negotiable, flexible budget. Tell me your price after you see the specs.
  • Preferred payment method is PayPal, but this is also negotiable to fit your needs.
  • Individual payments made upon delivery of each asset.

Contact Me

  • When contacting, provide examples of your work. I won’t hire if you can’t show what you have done previously.
  • Upon your contact and portfolio review, I’ll provide the PDF with all the details, so you can provide me with your pricing and timeline.
  • Contact me here on the Developer Forum.
  • Via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/SplitPainter
  • Discord: SplitPainter#9086
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You may want to add that the Modeler has to rig the animals too. (Which is a big pain in my opinion)

Hey, it is just one animal and one animation as per main post and then limbs are separated/split from the body, so not even weight painting is involved. One root bone and 8 other bones for the legs (2 per leg).

Yeah, yeah, just wanted to tell you that you should add it in the job description, and I meant rigging in general is a pain. As someone that has rigged complex creatures I can only see it as a bother lmao.

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I sent a friend request on discord the name is BK.

Thanks for all the messages. Position filled!

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