[CLOSED] Builders For RPG Project

I’m currently looking for builders in this project as it is a RPG genre. I will be the scripter scripting the game itself. You will need communication with discord in order to qualify for the job.

  • All builders will receive 15% of profits the game makes.

More information will be mentioned in my discord private chats.

If you need an example of how I normally make my games, Here you go:

I’d like to make an actual game. No more simulators.
Make sure to provide your showcases in my discord private messages.

My Discord Contact:


You say “All builders will receive 15% of profits”, but your title says builder singular. And it seems to me that 15% is far too low to get anyone to work with you with no upfront pay.

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There’s going to be multiple builders. That’s why. and yes, Thank you for stating that, I already fixed the singular formatting for “Builder”

This seems like a good project. I’m going to shoot you a request on Discord.

15% is pretty low, We have very little information on what the project is beforehand. Therefore I won’t submit an application. Good luck with your project!

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This is because there are other builders in the project. It’s not just 1 builder.

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