[Closed] Builders Needed

About Us

Hello there, we are Unlimited Studios. What’s Unlimited Studios you may ask? We are a game studio that makes all kinds of great games. You may know us from games like: Scary Stories, Avengers End Game Tycoon, Spongebob Elevator, Escape Spongebob Obby, and A Horror Elevator.

The Team

@joshie1122334455 - Owner
@Coeman_577 - Co Owner and Scripter
@Ausremo - Builder
@prTESTAQ - Environmental Designer and UI Designer
@KingIsTrolling - Animator
@meteor0id - UI designer
@shinyju - Builder
@Aikoji7 - GFX Designer
@ScriptOfTheSea - Scripter
@Bossman768799 - 3D modeler
@SipofReality - Builder
@FireAtacck - 3D Modeler
@CocoaMintRyan - Environmental Designer

You can see our group and our games here:

About The Job

We are currently looking for extra builders to help create some simple floors for our elevator games and to help us build a large map for an upcoming game.


We are paying in asset pay, which means we will pay you for the amount of work you do. We will pay 100 - 10,000 Robux per build depending on size, quality, and difficulty.

Contact Us

If interested, you can contact Coeman_577 on Discord with the username: Coeman 577#8665

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

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