[CLOSED] Builder/Terrain Artist for Hire! 2+ years

About Me

I opened studio for the first time 4 years ago, since then I’ve been developing for about 2 years in total. I’m a builder and a terrain artist and I am currently learning how to script. I am extremely familiar with studio and how it operates. If you may be wondering this account happens to be my alt, it recently got hacked and so I no longer use it. Don’t ask me why, I only use it because I am a dev-forum member and as far as I know you can’t switch accounts.


Terrain/Lighting Work

Lighting & Terrain work

Random Stuff

Building/Modeling Work
Supply shop - Over 4,500 parts


Pirate Buildings

Filler Buildings

SCP Facility

Studio Models



Basketball Trophy (old)


Simulator Pet/Egg Holder

Futuristic Border

Miscellaneous things

Bitcoin Miners

Graphics Card
Was going to be a repair shop

Low Poly


I am available 4 - 5 hours every day.


Prices will be negotiated in DM’s.
I will accept either robux or percentage. Preferably robux.


I do not work well under pressure, if you have any sort of deadlines please make them reasonable. I know I could be better, I’m currently trying to better my skills, trying to learn new things.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or discord, my username is Tango#6976.
I cannot make trees or any foliage you will have to provide the models.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


maybe the lighting could be a little less, can barely see anything. anyways. nice builds

Hello i have seen you’re Portfolio and wanted to talk to you about A upcoming Project i have sent you a friend Request on Discord Josuke#8409