(CLOSED) Building Maker for new Open world

I’m the sole developer of a game called Blacklands, and I’m calling all of you, looking for a proper map builder. For so long, I’ve been building the buildings myself. Blacklands is a open world survival game, similar to DayZ.

What do I need?
I need a talented builder to construct a set of buildings, usually based on type of building, to populate the map with. Someone who has an eye for visual design and function design.

You must construct buildings (in game design terms, “levels”) in a fun and good looking way. The terrain of the map is already completed, you just have to fill out towns and unique locations within the map. A game with good building and level design is immensely more fun than one with subpar execution. Your job will be to:

Construct buildings, with Level Design principles. Image the different between a building that is a square box, double room building versus a multi dimensional multi-entrance building, with roof access. This kind of attention to levels improves gameplay.

Payment can be Robux or in USD. Currently, payment is 1000 R$ per building.
Payment is set for now, but if the game made money in the future you would be compensated accordingly.

Post EXAMPLES of your work here or MESSAGE me on Dev Forum. I do not add Discords unless I hire you.


Hello, I would be happy to work for you. Here is some of my work:

(I was having problems with screenshots so here is the game.)
The thumbnail and some decals where also created by me.

I can also texture and change the low-poly style to something else.

I’m interested, here is some work below.

Hi there! I have been a builder for 4 years, and i have built many examples of Buildings. I have also been invited and attended to the Roblox Developers Conference 2019 in London
Here are some examples of my work:

Clothes Shop:


Run Down Car Rental:


And Finally, A Plaza:

If you’re interested, i have built some assets for Wasco County, G&S Air and Coconut Hotels.
You can contact me on Discord at : coolkidtris#4582 Or on the Devforum.
If you want more examples, just go to my profile and find my games.

Good Day! :slight_smile:

Still looking for a builder. I’m really looking for someone with overall design sense, i.e. do things look like they should? Will they play well?

Current buildings by Me (mediocre)

PUBG | Great overall building design & good city layout and look

Hello. I am Duover and I am interested. Below is some of my previous work.

My portfolio can be found here: [OPEN] Duover's Building and GUI Portfolio

If you want to add me on Discord im Duover#2538

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