{Closed} Building Portfolio

About me

Hello, my name is Ezekiel and I’m 15 years of age upon posting this, I’m a builder on Roblox and 3D modeler on Blender.


I’ve made a few showcases over the time of 2 years if you’ll like to see them I’ll link them here posted in order of how they were created:
(•Deep Imagination - Roblox)
(•Lonely Retreat - Roblox)
(•Tears of Memories - Roblox)
(•Contemplation [Showcase] - Roblox)

Here’s some work I’ve been very proud of and can’t get enough of.


I am usually available during weekends but if I can get work done during the weekdays I’ll try my best to.


Prices are negotiable, depending on the range and size of the build. My preferred payment method is 30k+ and with small assets 5k+.


You can contact me by my discord Exspects#7815 or my twitter @Exspects.

Thanks for reading! :smile:


Exspects you’r portfolio is very well if anyone needs a builder hire him he does really good showcases and, i don’t really have nothing. Else to say good luck man…!

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Your We Bare Bear thing looks epic. Btw how long did it take you to make those?


Really impressive, around how long does it take per build. What would you charge for say a map, and etc… I’d definitely be down with commissioning you.

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A map would take atleast 2 weeks being school and stuff.

I remember watching we bare bears… Anyway, your builds look amazing, especially the bedroom. Do you have a specific genre you like to build in or are you open to all sorts of things?

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Big fan of your work on Twitter, keep up the good work!

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I started off with cyberpunk and decided to expand to other styles and it turned out well.

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I love the cartoony feel to it. While it is lowpoly, it does have a cartoony feel to it from every direction including the environment.

Just sent you a friend request! I would love to hire you!