[CLOSED] Cafran's Builder/Animator Portfolio (FREE ANIMATOR)

Hello. My name is Cafran. I am a modeller, map builder and animator. I am open to any sort of commission, no matter how challenging, but I am more familiar with low-poly to mid-poly style building. I have been building for 4 years and started animating recently.


I am available 6 hours a day, however work on my own game and school in the future will reduce that significantly. From now on, there will be no assets in my builds that will be payed or taken from the marketplace.




Payment will only be on robux. Payment will be processed strictly through gamepass or group funds. Funds will be needed to be sent through first before I send you any assets. I will only be doing small to medium projects, whether that be small maps, or personalised models.

Maps will be strictly 200x200 studs wide, regardless of how well you utilize that space. It is only because of my consideration of my lack of time in the near future, turning from 6 hours to 1-2 hours. Prices are fully negotiable.


I am very new with animation. My animations will be free for a limited time until I have references to show my worth for payment.


You can contact me on twitter, my username is @CafranRBX
My discord is cafran#4846

I will only work for commissions. I do not accept contracts, I will not be your builder for your group. Thank you for reading! :slight_smile:


Is this still open? If so contact me please, DindinYT#6315

Contact me on discord: MeltzZ#3185

So, I am making a game with over 50k robux spent on sponsoring.
We need one Animator to animate doors, rigs and some stuff like that
(Not so difficult to make)
We are looking for a Lead Animator, we have one group and we will make very popular games on it!
We will have a 15% payment for you, let us know!