[Closed] Car Crushers 2 - Looking for image/texture artist to make realistic scratch images


Hi! As seen in the title I am currently looking for an image/texture artist who can make realistic scratch images meant to be used on car parts in Car Crushers 2. More images are also planned to be added shortly after this and applying for this position will make you the first person to contact for those when they are needed, but right now we’re just in need of scratch images for vehicles which you’ll have more details on below.


If you didn’t know Car Crushers 2 is a game based on realistic vehicle destruction, and to add on to that i’m now looking to expand this further by giving vehicles realistic scratch effects on the paint when they get damaged. To do this i’m going to need 6 images:

  • 3 images with different levels of damage and scratch intensity meant for big parts.
  • 3 images with different levels of damage and scratch intensity meant for small parts.

The difference between images for small and big parts is just how big the scratches are on the image, small parts should have fewer but bigger scratches while big parts have smaller and more scratches. This will result in the scratches looking to be around the same size for most parts even if the part size is very different.

Here are some examples of what the images could look like:


The images need to have a transparent background and look like a real-life paint scratch when applied to a part. It should look very random so the size and look of the scratches need to vary and there can’t be any noticably recurring patterns.

Payment for these 6 images will be 15,000R$


PM me on the DevForums or add me on discord Panwellz#5923 if you’re interested. Make sure you provide a portfolio of earlier images you have made, things like clothing is okay as examples too if they’re made from scratch!

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