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Hello. Me and my team are making a 100% Original Luck based game.
We will pay U 35% of the Robux that the game makes. If u wish for more we can make some deals.
I have made a game called Don’t flip the switch that has 2 million Visits.
I Make 500 robux a day off that game.

The game is called Castle Wars. (Name Might Change)
Here is basic info about the game.

The game will hold up to 8 players. To start a game u will need at least 4 Players to start. When the game has it required Players An intermission at the top of the screen will start. The intermission will go for 30 seconds. After the intermission hits 0 ALL Players will Teleport onto there very own Castle Plate. Once everyone has been put onto there plates there will be a 10 Second get ready. When the get ready timer has hit 0 the GUI will pop up in the first players face with a list of all the players names and faces. the player will have 15 seconds to choose a Player they would like to target with a Event/Disaster. Once the player has chosen a player either a good Disaster will happen to them or a bad one. Once the disaster has happened and has been completed the next player in line will get to do the same thing. They will be able to choose a player then a Event will happen to them. If a player Die’s they will spawn back at spawn not in the game anymore. When there is the last person left in-game The player will be teleport-ed back to spawn and be given some cash and gems. Then we will do all of that again.

If u can’t help thank u for your time :slight_smile:

Would you accept another builder? This is the only Recruitment that has a game my style. :smile:

Sorry we got Full Builders. We arnt looking for anymore

Thats all g. Good luck with the game!

Sounds like something I’d be into joining. Heres my portfolio. Contact me here or on my discord: RetroTime#5840

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