(CLOSED) Cheap Builder/Modeler

About Me

Hey! I have been playing roblox for a bit 2014 ish my account was created in 2015 though, I started building in 2017, I didn’t do great for a bit. I started practicing and learning new things, as of 2020 I now own a studio of my own. I will add more to my showcase soon!


I have worked on games like:

I did mapborder and the trees :slight_smile: I will post more later. I didnt script this at all, I dont work for the studio anymore though.
I have no other links really , due to most of the projects being shut down. But screenshots.

Here are some screenshots of my work.

190421 - Copy|690x418](upload://h1cXalIgnq9DiKSc9XxZ7adP01y.jpeg)

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I am so cheap due to me needing a flexible schedule, I may be on at 2:49pm or I may not, I will try and do stuff as much as possible


I want 1-10k Depending on what I am doing 1,000 is going to be the most preferred, I want to be cheap and accessible.


You can contact me on discord: DEATHRON6#7946 or twitter: @DEATHRON6