[CLOSED] CHEAP Clothing Designer For Hire

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I’m a 13 year old girl, and I recently tried to design some clothing.
It’s turning into a hobby of mine, and I’m hoping to slowly make some money off of it.
Since I just started a few weeks ago, my prices are fairly cheap.
This also means I have a limited amount of examples. I look forward to expanding my portfolio!


As I Have Mentioned, I Just Started. Please Don’t Rush Me To Get More Examples. Thank You!


Under Revamp


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Shirts: 25+ Robux
Outfits: 50+ Robux

Prices Vary



Team Wang#6304

Message Me For Colourful Examples!


0/10 Comms Still Open!

Updated Prices And Examples 12/01/20

Hello! I am super interested and I have sent a friend request on Discord :slight_smile:

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Recently I commissioned @46kDrip for two outfits, both of these outfits turned out fantastic and they were done within a reasonable timeframe. The artist was very polite and respectful throughout the process and I’m more than satisfied with the results. I’d definitely recommend commissioning clothes from this artist when their commissions are open.


Hey, I really need a clothing designer could you help me
I have lookie around and you are the prefect person for the job,
Pls help me I have a recruitment thing here: [Closed] Looking for Clothing Designer