[CLOSED Chef Simulator

Hello! I am looking for a scripter for Chef Simulator! The game is about when ever you join you spawn inside a Chef Kitchen. You will start off with a Starter backpack and a Starter spatula. In your kitchen you can cook food and each food will go inside your bag, the way you can get better foods is when you level up each 5/10 levels you get a new recipe, the better the recipe the better amount of money you get. You can teleport to the home and you can go to the shop. In the shop you can buy Backpacks, Spatulas, and better Kitchens - Might change that not sure. Each food you cook you will get a random amount of XP. Thats the game so far we might change it up in the future. Thats what the scripter really has to do just script the buy and etc.

You can dm me on iTzEmail#3904 or @iTzEmaiI on twitter!

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